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Hiring of Equipment from Stylish Outdoor Weddings

Thank you for choosing to hire from us! Here is some important information we would like you to know when hiring equipment, wishing wells, or our beautiful Doves for your event or wedding.


Security Bond

Stylish Outdoor Weddings require a security bond on each item hired out including the hire cost of the item if DIY (ie if you are decorating your wedding or event yourself but hiring from Stylish Outdoor Weddings).

The security bond will be refunded on return of undamaged items.

If any items are not returned, the security bond will not be refunded.

Return of Hired Items

We love to keep our decor, furnishings and wedding arbours & canopies in peak condition. This is why we box and wrap them to protect them in transit so they are ready for your wedding without any breakages or delays.

We appreciate that all items are returned as they left our shop in the package they are taken in (boxes, crates, wraps, bags). This ensures that they are maintained in perfect condition as they have been provided for your perfect wedding.

Any breakages or missing items will result in the security bond being used to replace these.

Setup - Arbours & Arches

For the safety of you and your guests, it is our preference that Stylish Outdoor Weddings erect our Arbours and Arches for the customer.

This will incur costs for delivery, setup and removal.

Hire Exclusions

Stylish Outdoor Weddings do not hire out any of their Arbours or Arches for DIY.


Our Doves

Stylish Outdoor Weddings only release healthy well trained white racing pigeons that will return home.

Our doves are usually not available from January to March because they are moulting.

Weather Conditions

The doves cannot be released in extreme weather conditions, e.g. storms, heavy rain or high winds.

The doves cannot and will not be released after dusk.

This is simply for the safety of the doves.

Refunds on No Release

If the doves are not released a full refund will be returned to the customer.



When booking a wishing well for hire, the full security deposit is required on the booking date. This secures the wishing well and is booked in for the date required by the customer.

The wells can usually be picked up 2 days prior to the event or function and returned 2 days after.

Cooling off Period

The customer has 14 days cooling off period should they change their mind and cancel the hire of our wishing wells.

This will not incur any cancellation fee.

If, after the 14 days the customer chooses to cancel the hire of the wishing well, a 25% cancellation fee applies (taken from the deposit).

Return of Wells

All wells must be returned within the time frame allowed, otherwise an admin fee will apply.

The Wishing Wells are transported in tubs. These tubs must be returned with the Wishing Wells otherwise $20.00 will be deducted from the security deposit.


Keeping it Clean and Functional

The use of the hired equipment is only as per the agreement. No food or drink is permitted on any of the hired equipment unless agreed to. Equipment must not be moved away from the ceremony area unless permission is provided.

While general use of equipment may result in minor soiling, any soiling that is considered to be unreasonable and any equipment broken must be paid for by the client. This equipment is planned to be used in a future wedding, and on occasion directly after you, so we would like to keep the cleaning to a minimal and reasonable effort.

We love confetti too, unfortunately due to council regulations, they have strict policies on such matters and confetti or any other material that will result in clean-up must not be used.

Ceremony Chairs

The chairs provided for the ceremony are to be used for seating your ceremony guests and participants only (one guest per chair, apart from parents/carers holding a child).

For your safety and to ensure the chairs are not damaged, the chairs are to strictly not be used for standing on. Apart from soiling, it is a hazard to use the chairs for standing on for any reason, including during photos.

If any member of the ceremony such as the photographer, guests, or bridal couple use the chairs for any other purpose than sitting on, Stylish Outdoor Weddings and their staff are not liable for any injury incurred from using the chairs for any purpose other than sitting during the ceremony.

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